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These films about Money & Me have been selected by the Bitfilm team to compete for the Bitfilm Awards. The audience will decide on the winners. Please register if you want to participate in the vote. Signing in is free and simple.

Among the voters we will raffle an Olympus PEN camera and subscriptions for Stash.

You may give up to five stars to each film. The film with the highest number of stars wins. It will receive a prize money of 2500 Euros and a Bitfilm robot. It will also be a part of the feature film Money & Me. The films ranked 2 to 7 will receive a prize money of 1000 Euros each and a guaranteed place in the feature film Money & Me. All winners will also receive a 1 year subscription to Stash worth 158 Dollars.

       Money & I

Yoav Ruda

       My Ducky Bank

Ali Ahmed Brohi
       Moneybird, Fly!

       The Greek Crisis Explained, Episode 1-3

       Bad News - A media Fiction

Nico Uthe
Bastian Böhm
       A short history of marketing

Michael Reissinger
       The amazing world of Profiterole

Luigi Ricca

Kuesti Fraun

Alli Sadegiani
       The value of money

Raul Gutierrez

Övünc Güvenisik

Sergio Augusto Sánchez
       How Your Money Works

Musclebeaver (Andreas Kronbeck u. Tobias Knipf)
       Money Dance

Sven Wachsmuth
       Rudolf - Pick Pocket

Rudi Mertens

Kate Anderson
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